Alpaca Gold of the Incas Finest raw material

The today's domesticated alpacas originate from an age-long, highly selective crossbreeding between the wild hump-less Guanaco-camel from the Andes and the small, elegant lama breed Vicugna. They live in the highlands of the Andes 4000 m above sea level and are thus exposed to extreme weather conditions and variations of temperature from -40 to + 40° C. Therefore, it is not surprising that the animals adapted themselves to the rough mountainous environment by nature. Their woollen coat is extremely robust and their smooth, silken hair is hollow, thus providing free air circulation inside the hair and consequently optimum heat compensation.
The thermo-isolation is completed by a high fat content, which makes the alpaca's wool very resistant to soiling and smelling. Worldwide, there are about 5 million alpacas, which require shearing only every second year; wool yield of one shearing: approx. 3 kg. However, we only use finest wool quality for our knit wear (length 8,5-12 cm; 20-30 microns), which means that the average annual output per animal is one alpaca sweater. No wonder that these precious natural fibres will always be considered as an exclusiveness.

Care and tips

The best and cheapest cleaning is an open air bath. In addition to that, rinse the knit wear in lukewarm water once a year to remove dust and soiling. Please treat the precious fibre with care and don't squeeze or rub it to avoid felting. Never hang the wet sweater on a coat hanger (distortion!), but let it dry on a Turkish towel.
In case of strong soiling, the knit wear can be washed with a mild detergent or hair shampoo and afterwards be greased with wool fat (lanoline). Please notice that the delicate alpaca hair is «caviar» to all kinds of moths. Therefore, we recommend the following storage instructions during summer time: air the sweater for several hours, wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for 2 weeks. Then store your treasure, tightly closed in the enclosed bag, in a dry place.


We are specialized in the production and trade with exclusive high-grade alpaca knit wear and handcraft from Peru and Bolivia. For that purpose, we exclusively work together with family farms, small farm cooperatives and local church groups. All our trading partners strictly observe fair, sociable working and production conditions.
At the same time, we insist on strict quality checks in order to meet the tough European standard. Not to mention non-poisonous and non-pollutant materials, international standard ready-made clothing, clean and careful fabrication, modern design as well as excellent wearing comfort and utility value.